shoot out

The Results
Stinger came out on top in Radar Roy’s “Desert Shootout” in the USA.  This is a regular test operated by independent radar detector expert “Radar Roy,” a retired US police officer and certified USA traffic radar instructor.  He is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

The data to the below indicates the distance from the threat (police radar, etc) the Stinger VIP performs and reacts compared to other popular radar detectors.

About The Test
Both the laser jammer and radar detector testing locations were performed on the Sun Valley Parkway in “Surprise” Arizona.  These sections of straight paved roadways made up with with rolling hills and dips, experiencing moderate highway traffic. In both tests we attempted to simulate real-world police radar and laser speed traps that you would likely encounter while driving.

The Beltronics STiR Plus is virtually the same system as Escort’s 9500ci, the comparative model that is available here in New Zealand.