For over twenty years Stinger has been developing cutting edge technology to protect car drivers against speed traps.

Stinger’s continuous commitment to boosting performances, enhancing ease of use, and driving freedom have resulted in a whole range of industry “firsts and onlys”.

S8-50 antenna

The S8-50 radar antenna for Stinger VIP. A true triple breakthrough in radar technology

First from Stinger

Parallel Scanning

Scans falses and true threats.
Smart enough to know the difference.

First from Stinger


The problem with everything else is no problem for Stinger.  Smarter tech!

First from Stinger

All Round Protection

Radar Alerting, Laser Alerting, LaserShield (optional upgrade), SpotList Alerting, Section Alerting, Safety Signals. All on one display. All fully integrated and all updatable.


The Stinger VIP is unusually quiet. It owes this pleasant quality to the phenomenal accuracy of the antenna, but also to intelligence. Clever software in the Stinger self-manages false alerts and logs them, plus Stingers just generally know when it is better to stay quiet.

Easy To Use

The VIP’s alerting is revolutionary in its simplicity. Quiet, but loud and clear when it has to be, allowing you to fully focus on driving.   One split-second view at your Stinger VIP display is enough. At any time, green means ‘relax’, yellow ‘suppressed alert’, and red ‘full alert’.  The clear pictograms on the VIP tell a thousand words.

Why Stinger?

The Stinger VIP is simply the most advanced radar protection system available in New Zealand.  It’s GPS database comes preloaded with all of the known fixed speed camera locations around New Zealand, plus it will give the most advanced warning on speed camera vans and police patrol cars while virtually eliminating false alerts – faster. Undetectable, and virtually invisible in your car as well with the patch antenna hidden inside the front grill.  Similarly, the display can be in full view and easy to access, or carefully installed in a hidden location allowing you to make full use of the Singer’s vocal feedback options.



The most advanced radar and laser defence system ever built

The Stinger VIP radar detector programmed for New Zealand with:

  • local GPS database
  • local support
  • local warranty
  • no parallel imported product
  • the most experienced Stinger installation team

Nobody else in New Zealand can offer this with the proper backing and support of Stinger.

Available now exclusively at Rapid Radio

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