Stinger laser jammers

The smallest laser jammers on the planet

Stinger introduces a new level of Laser protection: Laser HD. Our minute Lasers capture light with high-definition accuracy, protecting against even the trickiest of opponents. Stinger Laser Square measures a mere 16 x 16 mm. Stinger Laser Fiber is as small as a pinhead. Driving freedom needs invisibility. Stinger Laser Jammers deliver.

Why Stinger jammers?

For optimal protection against laser, the choice is easy: Stinger Laser. Only Stinger Laser HD seamlessly integrates with your Card or VIP and because it’s updateable, it’s therefore futureproofed. Only the advanced level of Stinger Laser provides integrated protection against modern side-lasers. And only Stinger Laser is elegantly small.

High Definition Accuracy and Sensitivity

Like the Stinger RADAR, Stinger LASER is ‘HD’. LASER HD unravels the virtual blue print of the laser beam, which enables detection of, and protection against, the most state-of-the-art police lasers. It is the combination of accuracy and sensitivity that make it possible to beat even the laser traps of the future.

Can You See It?

Virtually invisible.  Spot the Stinger laser on this Ferrari. Stinger-laser-installed


There are three Stinger Laser HD sensors in front of this BMW; two Squares and a Fiber. Can you see them? Probably not.

Stinger Lasers are tiny and neatly concealable, for it is invisibility that results in true driving freedom. Despite its miniature size, Stinger Laser HD provides optimal protection against modern laser guns and even side-lasers. And of course it integrates with your Stinger Card or VIP and is easily updatable.

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Stinger radar detectors programmed for New Zealand with:

  • local GPS database
  • local support
  • local warranty
  • no parallel imported product
  • the most experienced Stinger installation team anywhere in NZ

Nobody else in New Zealand can offer this with the proper backing and support from Stinger (head office is based in Europe).


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